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THE GUIDE+ is the place to be if you want to improve in FIFA 22, learn about the game and have more fun playing. The app offers frequent tutorial content about the game mechanics, the current FIFA meta, tactics, Ultimate Team (FUT), trading, mentality tips and many more topics. What makes our app so useful in terms of the learning experience is that we will make sure you actually understand the content by providing well-designed interactive quizzes after every lesson to verify your learnings. The second big W is our courses section. We do not just publish videos & articles in a random order – we arrange them within coherent, well-structured courses. 

And if you finish a course, for example on how to become rock solid in defending, you earn badges. Your progress in the different courses will be tracked, so you’ll always have a good overview. Last but not least you will also find many like-minded players to engage with in the comment sections and our regular group coaching sessions. The group coaching sessions are held on our exclusive Discord server with professional coaches. Welcome to next level of gaming education. Welcome to THE GUIDE+.

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