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Sup my name is Thwifo, I've been competing in Valorant + Fortnite professionally since 2018 and have played for 100T, T1, NRG, Ghost, and XSET. Competed at the highest level in Valorant since beta and been Radiant in ALL 16 acts of valorant. Also top 500 in Overwatch, global in CS, semi-pro in TF2, big guy in Fortnite. The gist of it is I've spent a lot of time getting good at FPS games.

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"I'm already past my peak rating lmfao… It's actually insane how much you've helped me in one session that other coaches haven't been able to do."

- Jam

"I tried to incorporate what I learned in the first session and I'm back at radiant."

- saydot

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Our content creator Cruzzave got a masterclass in aiming by coach Thwifo and improved significantly throughout his coaching.

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